Education, March 17, 2020, 6:32 a.m.

Christel House SA closed until mid-April

Author: Christel House South Africa

On Sunday, 15 March, President Cyril Ramaphosa officially declared a national state of disaster due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, global pandemic.

Christel House had plans in place to close this week and we are therefore very pleased that other schools will now comply. At the moment we are following national guidelines in anticipation that Term 2 will commence on 14 April, as per the school calendar – however given the uncertainty that is prevalent at this time, we are planning for alternative scenarios should we choose to remain closed for a period thereafter. In collaboration with global and national efforts, Christel House SA will be closed for this period and we are putting practical measures into place to mitigate the physical, emotional and academic effects on our children and their families as best possible.

As a supporter, you will know that Christel House is more than just a school. We provide a host of critical services to our children – from daily nutrition to healthcare and social services. No doubt, the closing of our school is more impactful on our learners and our vulnerable, under-served  communities than the closure of other better resourced schools. As such, we are glad to announce that the Christel House's national and international leadership, teachers and staff are implementing a robust strategy to ensure that our students have access to sufficient educational resources (both e-learning and workbooks), health and food supplies, and social support during these uncertain times. Our children remain our utmost priority.

Although our “schools” are closed, “Christel House” remains in operation and all staff are available during the official closure (with most working remotely) and are contactable via their mobile phones and email accounts. Where possible, regular work schedules and obligations will continue. However, all events and excursions (including our Matric Ball) have been postponed and we regret that we have had to reschedule all visits to the school from external parties.

Thank you to all our committed donors, suppliers, parents and friends for continuing to support Christel House’s students – and staying the course no matter the circumstances. Together we continue to transform the lives of our students.