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Feed a belly & warm a body

Author: Mustadafin Foundation

Mustadafin Foundation appeals for the destitute communities. As a nation, we share in the anxiety and stress as many are about to lose their jobs and businesses are about to close due to the Covid-19 Pandemic – how will many survive financially?

Mustadafin Foundation is an organization that has been feeding 15 000 people daily for the past 34 years.  The Foundation has been serving the underprivileged of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Zimbabwe.

The pandemic has forced the country to isolate from one another. The freedom of movement has limited organizations such Mustadafin from impacting thousands of lives in need due to lack of donation resources.

People who were able to buy basic grocery needs are now struggling. Now let us imagine the tremendous sense of loss for those who live by searching the streets to find something to survive the day.

Mustadafin asks that we remember those who were already in desperate need prior to the outbreak of this virus –
In the Cape, the Foundation sees to poor areas such as formal and informal areas that is affected with Covid 19, tremendous job lost and the cold winter floods.

Through collective support, we can continue with the mission of providing relief to the destitute – protecting the most vulnerable and showing compassion to those most in need this winter.

Large amount of communities will be in need, feeling an even greater sense of isolation, loneliness and despair than we might possibly imagine. During this crisis, we have an opportunity to truly be heroes to those suffering.
We ask for your generous support in hope that our sacrifices bring warmth to those in need.


















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