Education, May 13, 2020, 6:10 p.m.

Learning in a digital age

Author: Christel House South Africa

Even though time has been lost in physical classrooms, this lockdown period has accelerated the use of online learning methods.

Our Junior School uses a bite-sized learning approach, which involves sharing small but valuable chunks of information with students every day. With the aid of workbooks, help from parents and bits of content shared by teachers via WhatsApp, students have been able to continue to learn and follow the academic curriculum. Our High School students make use of tablets, which are loaded with weekly data bundles. Donors such as Dell, Blue Label Telecoms, Flickswith and the Actuarial Society of SA have been instrumental in supporting our digital needs. However, the cost of data remains hugely prohibitive to online learning, so we continue to look for more affordable solutions and reach out to more donors to support our students’ data needs. Read More