Youth Development, June 11, 2020, 6:39 p.m.

South African National Child Rights Coalition. An advocacy and communications coalition

Author: Give a Child a Family

As you may know or not know, we at Give a Child a Family have always been a promoter of collective, collaborative work, and networks of organisations.

#StrongerTogether. We are so very happy to announce the South African National Child Rights Coalition that will be looking at amongst many things like Children’s Rights, best interest of children and the South African government related to Policy issues. For years we have been sitting on the side-lines of meetings organised by Government and DSD and we ‘seem’ to get nowhere – because ultimately, there is a need for systemic changes and this is what we hope to achieve with the South African National Child Rights Coalition.  It is a brand new little body, but we are hoping to grow and swell the membership so that we can be voices to contend with from various NPO sectors, Civil Society, FBO’s, Children themselves, and many others, that is why we need you! 


Please also pass onto as many Civil Society members as possible, as well as NPO’s FBO’s as you know and other networks that would want to be part of this initiative, we welcome all at this stage to become members.


Please take the time to read the document attached and pass onto all your networks – to join the South African National Child Rights Coalition(SANCRC). An advocacy and communications coalition to support coordinated action for effective child rights governance in South Africa – now, in the face of covid-19 - and in the future.


There is a form to join in the actual document but if you have any issues I have attached a separate form for joining if the survey monkey form is a problem for anyone.







Please copy and paste the below membership form and email to the requested email or contact us on the below email so we can send you the form to you.



Please e-mail the completed form to the Coalition Secretariat, Kgahliso Machete:



  1. Please provide your organisations details:



Organisation name:


Organisation Address:


Town / city:




Rural / urban:


Contact person name:


Contact email:


Contact cell number:


Organisation website address:






  1. Please indicate the nature of your organisation. (select one or more of the following options)


Non-profit organisation


Organised labour


International Non-government organisation


Network or coalition


Community Based Organisation




Faith Based Organisation


Development partner


Research institution




Other (please specify):



  1. In what sector does your organisation operate? (Select one or more of the following that you primarily work in)




Protection against violence, abuse and exploitation




Adolescent and youth development








Family and parenting support


Social security


Civic and political rights including participation, access to information and freedom of association


Child and Youth Care Centre


Child Justice


Substance Abuse




Other (please specify):





  1. Which of the following are the vulnerable groups you focus on? (select one or more the following of the options)

Children with Disabilities


Rural children


Young children


Children in underserviced urban areas




Gender inequalities including children discriminated against because of sexual orientation




Children on the move




Children in humanitarian crises


Other (please specify):






  1. What type of work does your organisation do? (choose one or more of the following options, if relevant)


Monitoring and reporting


Policy and legislative advocacy

Community advocacy

Behaviour change

Communications and information distribution

Capacity building

Service provision

Strategic litigation

Other (please specify):





  1. Which of the following is your preferred mode of communication?








  1. Which of the following would you consider to be most useful as a form of support / value add in a coordinated child rights platform? (select one or more of the following options)

Advocacy platform




Communications and information hub


Capacity building


Information distribution




Other (please specify):














  1. What can your organisation contribute to creating a strong, collective and coordinated child rights coalition, that can fulfil the roles above and more? (select one or more of the following options)



Financial resources


Child Programming resources and tools


Technical expertise


Monitoring and reporting on state of children’s rights


Human resources to lead / participate in working groups


Other (please specify):