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Another interesting photograph on the fridge in my kitchen is that of Bram Fischer, a true South African hero and iconic, but yet, internationally unknown struggle stalwart.


From James's desk ...

Another interesting photograph on the fridge in my kitchen is that of Bram Fischer, a true South African hero and iconic, but yet, internationally unknown struggle stalwart.

Born into a very prominent 6th generation Afrikaner family on the 23rd of April 1908 Bram was destined to become a Nationalist Prime Minister of South Africa. Bram’s grandfather was the Prime Minister of the Boer Orange River Colony from 1907 to 1910, when SA became a Union. His father was a respected Judge of the Orange Free State.

Bram deviated dramatically from his Nationalist destiny to became a fearless and fierce anti-apartheid activist. As an esteemed and highly respected advocate, Bram led the legal defence team of Nelson Mandela in the famous Rivonia Trial during the early 1960’s.

In 1966 Bram was himself sentenced to life imprisonement for his political activities and convictions. In 1974 whilst in prison Bram became seriously ill with cancer and passed away on the 8th of May 1975 just weeks after being released from prison on compassionate grounds.

Such was the cruelty and fear of the apartheid state that his ashes were impounded by the government lest they be used as a shrine for the resistance movement.

Bram Fischer sacrificed his illustrious career, family (he had a wife and three children) and indeed his life for the freedom of the South African people. His sacrifice, courage, bravery, selflessness, fearlessness and strength in the face of vicious and unrelenting adversity should stand as monument to the people of South Africa today. We can and should learn from our remarkable struggle heroes and never take our freedom for granted. Our freedom came at great cost to many thousands of brave and courageous individuals.

The struggle to liberate South Africa from the “prison of poverty” continues, and Uthando stands ready and willing to play our modest but impactful part.


We hope that you enjoy reflecting on some of the stories from the month of August 2021….


James Fernie
Founding Director, Uthando (Love) South Africa
August 2021


Ladles of Love Breaks Guinness World Record

Uthando is extremely proud to be supporting “Ladles of Love” since 2020. This organisation is providing life-saving food to hundreds of thousands of South Africans every week. On the 28th of August Uthando represented by James Fernie and his partner Zackeen Thomas participated in a record breaking event organized by Ladles of Love at the V & A Waterfront. During the course of the day an energized and motivated team laid down more than 90 000 donated tins of food in a line weaving it’s way all around the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront covering 6,7 km (67 being the number of years that Nelson Mandela gave of his life to South Africa). All the tins had to be collected and packed after the record breaking event which was actually quite an organizational feat. The more than 90 000 tins of food will be distributed to destitute communities over the coming months.

The founder of Ladles of Love, Danny Diliberto recently sent the following note to Uthando on our assistance in 2020 :

“Each act of kindness is huge no matter how ‘small’ it is and having you all walk this journey with us on an ongoing basis is very, very important to us. To give you an idea the money that has been donated has sent out approximately 3 tonnes of bulk food supply and has provided over 20 000 meals or as I like to say over 20 000 acts of kindness or, better still,  over 20 000 smiles.

Once again a very huge thank you for choosing to be a #LoveActivist.

Abundant blessings to you and may your organisation grow from strength to strength.”
James Fernie, Xavier Arendse and Zackeen Thomas 
Founder of Ladles of Love, Danny Diliberto

Tins lined up outside the Cape Grace Hotel

IsiDima “dignity” Womens Day Campaign

August in South Africa is “Women’s Month”. Campaigns are run countrywide to celebrate, honour  and foster a culture of respect for girls and women. Thank you to friends of Uthando who contributed to the campaign by donating girls sanitary pads, soaps and other goodies to be packed into bags and handed to schools located in very disadvantaged communities where girls struggle to access these basic necessities due to financial reasons. The campaign was spearheaded by Amrain Essop of the Harfield Village Association with Uthando SA opening the campaign up to its friends and supporters.

Besides the donation thousands of tampons, pads, soaps and other items one of the Uthando donors donated R10 000.00 towards the purchase of a tampon vending machine to be installed at Livingstone High School. Thank you to Uthando friends for supporting this campaign.
James Fernie receiving the fantastic collection of products from REMAX for the IsiDima “dignity” Campaign

Zohe Serrano (USA) fundraiser for Uthando South Africa

Team Uthando is humbled and grateful for the incredible people from every corner of the world that come out with Uthando to visit, engage and learn about the work being done by our community development partners. Zohe Serrano from Alpharetta, Georgia (USA) came out on an Uthando experience in 2019 and recently undertook a fundraising initiative to raise funds for Uthando initiatives. On the 31st of July Zohe organized a spikeball tournament and charged a $5 entry fee. The event was promoted on social media to friends and family and it was a huge success with a fantastic amount of $445.00 being raised and transferred to Uthando.

Zohe sent the following note : 

“On July 12th of 2019, I was fortunate enough to view the world as Uthando sees it. The Uthando bus set off one of my most cherished experiences. Our tour guide, Xolani Maseko, took us to preschools and after school programs and we were immediately greeted by the warmest smiles and most welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We watched the children sing, recite the alphabet, play tag. We watched, danced, and laughed with teenagers in after school programs. After having the most amazing day completely immersed in the charming culture of Cape Town, I couldn’t help but think of one thing: books. I noticed that the children in the schools did not have any books, which was such a vital part of my young education. It was at this moment I decided to give back to the place that had given me a newfound sense of love for people and life. 
I would like to thank Uthando for their work in changing lives all over the world including my own.”  
Zohe with a spike ball
Zohe having fun at Isiseko Educare

Pam McOnie Cape Fusion Tours supports Masi Creative Hub

Thank you to Pam McOnie for nominating Uthando as her charity of choice as a result of her winning the "Audley's 25th Anniversary Global Guide Awards". Pam was one of 25 winners from around the world to be selected for this prestigious award from Audley Travel. The R3962.40  donation received from Audley Travel in lieu of this award was matched by Uthando and R8000.00 was donated to the courageous women at the Masi Creative Hub. Pam and her team accompanied Uthando to visit Masi Creative Hub to see firsthand the awesome being done by Mama Yandi and her team.

After the visit Pam wrote :

"Thank you so much for a lovely day with Uthando. So special to spend time with you guys and to see the amazing work being done by Masi Creative Hub. Thanks also for including my team. They loved it." – Pam McOnie, Cape Fusion Tours
Mama Yandi from Masi Creative inside the kitchen with Pam, Shelley and Chongo from Cape Fusion Tours
The strong beautiful women holding the blankets of Of love made by the ladies at Masi Creative Hub

Uthando Philanthropic Cultural Visits to Community Development Projects

After the collapse of the tourism industry in 2020, Team Uthando will never take the running of the Philanthropic Cultural Visits to community projects for granted again. Uthando is slowly but surely starting to experience an increase in more regular bookings with August 2021 being the busiest month since the start of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020. We are very pleased with the continued great feedback from our visitors and guests.

“Our hearts are truly full! It was such a moving and heart-warming experience. We will carry it with us for the rest of our live” – Jodie and Megan.

“the work you do is amazing. It was wonderful meeting the participants of your programmes” – Patti and Leo

Amazing work, great eye opening experience, would like to learn more and help in any way possible.” – Bhaskaran

Excellent tour guide with profound knowledge. Interesting to visit different projects and not just one. Highly recommended tour” – Rammer Family

“We are so grateful for the incredibly amazing and moving day we just experienced. We feel that we were able to see South Africa through a new lens and look forward to learning more and helping these organizations grow.” – David and Lindsay
David and Lindsay Berezow with Mama Christina Kaba in the Moya we Khaya ‘spirit of home” vegetable garden
Visitors at the Kronendal Music Academy

Kugler Reisen (Germany) Educational with Uthando

On the 18th of August Uthando hosted German tour operator Kugler Reisen on an educational tour for the morning. Helmut and Martina Kugler from Memmingen, Germany and Petra Onel from Cape Town accompanied Uthando visiting several community projects on the Cape Flats. They sent the following note after the tour; 

“Uthando, thank you for the very special outing you took us on to some of the projects you support. It is so encouraging and delightful to see so much good work being done in the right places.
All our love goes out to the amazing special people we met that work tirelessly to uplift themselves and their community with so much love and care.”

Lots of love
Helmut and Martina Kugler and Petra Onel
Kugler Reisen
At Masibulele Educare, Martina, Mama Nwabisa (principal), Helmut and Petra

Inspiring visit to Ocean View Organic Farmers

Team Uthando recently visited the community of Ocean View which is located on the way to Cape Point. This community is often overlooked and plagued with extreme challenges ranging from gangsterism, crime, malnutrition and many other social ills. Yet within these communities scattered all over Cape Town are the most resilient, fearless and dedicated people working hard to uplift their communities, very often with very little reward or recognition.

Filled with joy and inspiration at meeting “Aunty Sophia” and her team James Fernie posted the following message on social media :

“South Africans, Please read this post. There is the most unbelievable beauty and inspiration to be found in the most unexpected places. I had the privilege to meet "Aunty" Sophia and her team at the most remarkable vegetable garden and place of healing, refuge and safety in Oceanview yesterday. Please South Africans i beg and plead with you...reach out to couragous, innovative and inspiring community projects in whatever sector appeals to you, support them and raise awareness of their work. We must must must build the middle ground of South Africa to unite our nation and bring about economic liberation of this country whilst healing racial and cultural divides. We cannot wait for politicians or the government, we the PEOPLE have the power to bring about a revolution of the HEART. I understand people are busy with their own lives and have their own stress but you would be surprised how far just a little effort goes and how it makes you feel inside your soul. Start today, we have no time to waste. I hope and pray that one day the people of South Africa don't look back while the entire country burns to the ground like what happened in Natal and Gauteng, and say, we should have, and could have, done more to help create the South Africa that we all deserve.❤️❤️❤️

Aunty Sophia is 2nd from the right wearing the bright red hat

Computer Lab sponsored by Youth Edutainment

Uthando had the pleasure of facilitating the donation of 10 desktop computers from the Youth Edutainment NGO co-founded by Katrin Haunreiter from Switzerland. Youth Edutainment is an initiative that empowers young people from underprivileged communities through education and entertainment. Youth Edutainment supplied 10 computers to the Philisa Abafazi Bethu Centre in Steenberg and 5 computers still to be supplied to the Ikhaya Home Garden in Khayelitsha. The computers will be used for basic computing (typing, word, CV), school based work and research (assignments and homeworks) and internet access. 
From left: Lucinda Evans (Philisa Abafazi Bethu), Crosby Bolani (Youth Edutainment), Katrin Haunreiter (Youth Edutainment) and Xolani Maseko (Uthando SA)

R.I.P Tata Siwete Poly Royland

Another one of the beloved seniors at Sinovuyo Seniors passed away recently at the remarkable age of 93 years old. 

R.I.P Tata Royland. What a remarkable privilege to have known you over the last 13 years as well as all of the other kind, loving, humble gentle souls from the various seniors clubs. The human race can learn so so so so much from these amazing beautiful human beings. Despite being on the receiving end of terrible and frankly incomprehensible discrimination, bigotry and hatred they still have the most kind, loving and gentle hearts. Many of our Uthando visitors will have met Tata Royland over the last 13 as he was one of the patriarchs of the seniors club, he welcomed visitors with an open heart and kind words, always. Materially their lives are an intense struggle since they were deprived of the right to fulfill their goals, ambitions and aims in life due to institutionalised discrimination, but spiritually their cup runneth over with such abundance. They are always so grateful for the smallest things, always smiling, always kind despite all of the hardships and challenges that they have faced their entire lives. Hamba Kahle Tata Royland. May the wisdom of elderly indigenous people guide us through this time of great transformation on earth during this time. Tata Royland was also featured in our book "Abantu Abadala - Conversations with the Elders" which was a very proud moment for everyone concerned.
Tata Royland
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