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World Suicide Prevention Day - Creating Hope through Action


World Suicide Prevention Day is commemorated on 10 September to promote worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicide.

Creatinghope through action

Creating Hope Through Action

World Suicide Prevention Day is commemorated on 10 September to promote worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicide. It can affect any one of us. Each and every suicide is devastating and has a profound impact on loved ones, family and friends that are left behind. However, by raising awareness, reducing the stigma around suicide and encouraging well-informed action, we can reduce and prevent suicide around the world. World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of suicide and to promote action through community engagement that could reduce the number of suicides and suicide attempts by educating the public and debunking myths. We want to ensure that you have the tools and resources to support those who are struggling and to encourage those that are thinking about suicide to reach out for help before it is too late. There is no Health without Mental Health together we CAN break the stigma and save lives!

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World Suicide Prevention Day Toolkit

Please make use of this important online Suicide Prevention Tool Kit below to access helpful self-tips, how to identify warning signs, posters and ways to get help.

Depression Brochure.
Suicide Language Guide
Always be prepared,here are Three ways to assess for suicide risk.
Suicide Safety Plan - Learn how to create a Suicide Safety Plan and how to
manage your mental health.
Read more about common Myths of Suicide and how to debunk them.
How to talk to someone that might be Suicidal.
Signs of a troubled Teen
Watch some educating online video's on Suicide Prevention.

Please click HERE to view the toolkit and share this with friends, family, your community and even via
social media - help us reach more people and prevent suicides.

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SADAG’s Online Wall of Remembrance

SADAG’s Online Wall of Remembrance was created to give families and loved ones a safe space to honour, celebrate, remember and pay tribute to their loved ones they lost to suicide which will be up on their website. You will be able to submit your special message, a picture of your loved one or meaningful quote, or even a picture of how you remember your loved one each year via a special button on the SADAG website, and we will upload all the submissions to the website page.

Most of all we hope to plant seeds of compassion in the hearts of those who read the names: seeds that may develop into a commitment to understanding suicide and finding ways to reach out and get help. It is our hope to offer a way for friends and family to express their love, special memories and celebrate the lives of the ones you have lost.Click here to visit the Online Wall of Remembrance.


Join SADAG's LIVE #FacebookFriday as Experts Unpack Suicide Prevention

This Month is World Suicide Prevention Day. SADAG have alarming figures from the Suicide Helpline which highlight the urgent need within this country to ensure that we continue sharing as much information on Suicide Prevention as we possibly can. Join the SADAG LIVE Facebook Friday FREE Q&A on Friday the 10th of September at 1pm - 2pm with experts unpacking depression, warning signs, how to tackle the conversation of suicide and self- harm, how to get help, and what to do if you are worried about a loved one who may be suicidal. We're urging parents, teachers, community members, colleagues, & families to participate in this FREE Facebook chat from the comfort of your home, at work, or anywhere you can go online. To join the chat this week Friday at 1pm – go to SADAG’s Facebook page “The South African Depression and Anxiety Group”or follow the link via

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Taking on the stigma of suicide

Durban freelance writer Glynis Horning, her husband Chris and her younger son Ewan have made it through two years of devastating pain and heartbreak since her older son, Spencer, 25, ended his life in the early hours of September 15, 2019.

World Suicide Prevention Day is on September 10, and this week Horning spoke about her new book, Waterboy: Making Sense of My Son’s Suicide, saying, “if this book can help one person avoid suicide, or bring new understanding to those who have lost someone, it will have achieved its goal”.


The book has been published by Bookstorm. All royalties are being donated to the SA Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).

Click here to order your copy.

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Every Donation helps! Help us make a difference in someone’s life

SADAG is dedicated to preventing suicide and providing crisis intervention for people who feel helpless and hopeless. SADAG also runs the country’s only tollfree Suicide Crisis Helpline and helps hundreds of suicidal callers every day. Help us to continue helping so many people who need free counselling, crisis intervention, support and emergency help through our Helpline.

Your donation will enable us to help more people in need, which is now more important than ever with so many people reaching out for help. SADAG is a registered NPO, registered 18a organisation and can provide Tax Receipt certificates, donations are tax-deductible.

Please click the button below to donate to SADAG’s Suicide Helpline

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Henry Cock: Still on track with his Mentally Aweh Initiative

Henry Cock set out on an initiative to break the Guinness World Record and raise awareness about Mental Health in July 2021 in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. He started far up the eastern coastline of South Africa and has now reached Eastern Cape. His aim to complete 133 consecutive half marathons to break the World Record!

This amazing initiative is not only to break the record, but also raise funds for SADAG, as many are aware how important every donation made helps SADAG continue reaching those in need of help. During his journey, Henry will be distributing our Speaking Book, sponsored by MTN ‘Being Your Best’, to schools to empower the youth to become better equipped to face different issues.

Henry is very passionate about Mental Health awareness and is looking forward to share this vital information to the youth.

Henry is still very enthusiastic and going strong 60 days, 1266km and R 657,753 later. On the 21st of September he will be breaking the Men’s Record of the Most Half Marathons run consecutively. Please join us in celebrating his great achievement by sharing his posts, donating to his cause, joining him on a run and sending him messages.

Follow his journey and daily updates on Instagram, his account is @cock.henry or to make a donation visit his Back-A-Buddy page. Keep an eye out as Henry passes through your city if you are based in the Eastern Cape or Western Cape. Here are the Dates and Areas for the month of September:

7-8 September – Uitenhage
9-10 September – Jeffrey’s Bay
11-13 September – St Francis
14 September – Oyster Bay
15 September – Stormsrivier
16-18 September – Plettenburg Bay
19-20 September – Knysna
21-22 September – Sedgefield
23 September – Wilderness
24-25 September – George
25-26 September – Mossel Bay
28-29 September – Still Bay
30 September – Aghulas

If you require further information please contact Fatima on .

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World Suicide Prevention Day Walk - SADAG KZN

Each year we Suicide Prevention Day is hightlight By the Survivors of Loved Ones of Suicide Support (SOLOS) and SADAG KZN as they commemorate the day with a Suicide Prevention Walk. Unfortunately, this year KZN SOLO's cannot walk in person due to lockdown restrictions. We would like to encourage everyone to take the opportunity to do their own walk and either leave messages of encouragement and hope on pebbles to commemorate their loved ones that they have lost to suicide. We would love to see your photographs posted if you do this. Please click hereto post your picture. See the exciting video posted in lieu of the walk on the 13 September - Click Here

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Join the next #MindfulMonday with Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida

Mindful Mondays on Instagram with Miss SA’s Shudufhadzo Musida has been extremely popular as many people continue to tune in to the live sessions each Monday evening. Experts and lived experience guests have tackled important topics such as Covering the Pandemic from the frontlines, Covid19 and its effects on children as well as Women and Mental Health. These weekly conversations have given so many individuals the opportunity to feel a part of mental health advocacy and help destigmatise mental health. If you would like to watch the previous episodes, please click here. You can join the next #MindfulMonday discussion and get practical self-help tips by following @shudufhadzomusida or SADAG @sadag_official. Stay tuned to #MindfulMonday as we tackle future mental health topics including Suicide Prevention, Remote Working/ Mental health in the Workplace, Schizophrenia as well as Culture and Mental Health.

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SADAG collaborates with TikTok on a World Suicide Prevention Day Campaign

SADAG is excited to join TikTok’s global campaign to raise awareness on Suicide Prevention between 10 September and 17 September. During this week different countries will be holding a TikTok Live discussing the important subject of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Please join our discussion on the official TikTok South Africa account, when we participate for the first time in a TikTok Live.

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Creating Hope Through Action’ - Survivors Of Loved Ones of Suicide (SOLOS) Support Groups

SOLOS Support Groups create a safe space for those who have lost loved ones to Suicide to come together and support one another, to mourn, heal and remember their loved ones – for who they were rather than how they died. This year we would like to ‘ Create Hope Through Action by launching new SOLOS Support Groups around the country. If you are interested in finding out more about starting a SOLOS group in your area please email Krystle -


New Support Groups Launching

It is with great joy that we announce that in the last month alone we have welcomed 10 brand new SADAG Support Groups. SADAG has over 160 Support Groups nationwide that are run mainly by patients and ex-patients themselves. They are a supplementary form of support and are fee to attend. A Support Group is a group of people with common experiences and concerns who meet regularly to provide emotional and moral support for one another. To find out more about how to join a support group visit the sadag website – Support Group Tab or call us on one of our toll-free numbers and a counsellor will be able to assist.

1. Annette has launched a Support Group for family members & loved ones supporting someone with Bipolar Disorder
2. Wendy has started a Support Group for Women living with Menopause - Click here for the new article.
3. Melissa has created a Support Group for Panic & Anxiety - Click here for the new article
4. We have a new Grief and Bereavement Support Group that will be run by Jax
5. A first of its kind group for Depression & Anxiety related to Traumatic Brain Injury hosted by Aruna
6. A Support Group for Depression hosted by Rose
7. Lindiwe is relaunching her face-to-face group for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD in Soweto
8. Zandile has started a whatsapp Support Group for for Single Parents
9. Lebohang is launching a Mental Health Support Group for Mothers
10. Alida and Hendrien have started an Afrikaans face-to-face support group for Depression & Anxiety in the Heidelburg Area

Suicide prevention remains a universal challenge. While pandemic-related suicides have already been reported in many countries, these deaths have been largely overshadowed.

Suicide Prevention is the core of SADAG’s Suicide Helpline with hundreds of people calling everyday looking for help and crisis intervention. If you or a loved need help or you are worried about someone experiencing suicidal ideation, please call our Suicide Crisis Helpline on 0800 567 567 or 0800 456 789. You are NOT alone.

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