Youth Development, Oct. 7, 2020, 5:49 p.m.

#YourFreedomYourFuture Youth Competition


Here’s an opportunity for learners and students to win sizeable cash prizes in the Progress SA #YourFreedomYourFuture Youth Competition.

Learners and students around South Africa have until 8 November to enter the Progress SA #YourFreedomYourFuture Competition with R64,000 of prize money up for grabs.


Submit either an essay (maximum 1,200 words) or a short film/video (3 minutes or shorter) before 8 November, exploring the topic ‘Your Freedom. Your Future – Is South Africa at a fork in the road and which road should we take?’


First (R10,000), second (R5,000) and third (R1,000) prizes will be awarded for the best essay and best video in each of the two age categories: 17 years or younger and 18 to 24 years old.


Progress SA is a non-profit youth organisation on a mission is to promote liberalism and democracy to build a free, just South Africa. Our essay and video competition intend to encourage young people to engage in political debate, to think about how freedom affects their futures and have their say,” said Tami Jackson, chairperson for Progress SA.

The winning essays and videos will be shared on the Progress SA website.


To enter, simply send your essay or video to before 8 November. Include your name, age, contact number and the name of your place of learning. Winners will be announced on 27 November.


The #YourFreedomYourFuture Youth Competition is hosted by democratic youth organisation Progress SA, the Frederich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Van Schaik Bookstores.


For more details visit Progress SA’s website


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