About us
We are responsible for supplying business in South Africa  within excess of 31 000  assignees daily through 15  branches covering all 9  provinces every day,  24/7, 365  days a year,  across all industries  and  sectors.


We service a wide-range of economic sectors, inclusive of, but not limited to: Warehousing and distribution, engineering, mining, fast-moving consumer goods, chemicals and etro-chemicals, the motor industry, parastatals, manufacturing, food and beverage, logistics and electronics.



What Makes Us Great ?


As a leader in South Africa’s temporary staffing, managed service provider and independent contractor solutions environment, we look to set ourselves apart through our:


  • Extremely stringent recruitment techniques and detailed screenings;
  • Dedicated on-site management and I ndustrial Relations specialists, backed by sound regional and national support platforms;
  • Compilation of appropriate and accurate management feedback reports to clients;
  • Rapid deployment of assignees and effective servicing of client needs anywhere in South Africa;
  • Provision of assignees with specific industry understanding and capabilities, upon request;
  • Strategic assistance with new business startups and the seamless transition of highvolume business enterprises;
  • Commitment to delivering staffing solutions to clients regardless of how big or small they may be and working to develop long-term relationships with all such clients.


Strategic Direction

As a company with a reputation for strategic forward thinking, we aim to utilise imminent legislative change as a growth opportunity and have implemented an aggressive growth strategy. However, strategy is worthless without execution. We pride ourselves on the dedicated and skilled individuals and teams committed to delivery excellence... we are problem-solvers with a track-record for ethical behaviour and a client-centric business culture.


Capacity is wholly-owned by the Adcorp Holdings group of companies. Founded in 1978, Adcorp Holdings Limited was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987 and developed to become South Africa’s largest and most respected company involved in the staffing and temporary employment services industry.


Our company is widely respected for its adherence to good corporate governance ideals and exceptional labour compliance. We encourage our management team, staff members and assignees to actively live our company values, which include Integrity, Accountability, Professionalism, Passion, Empathy and Teamwork.


Our company was established in 1983, adopting three key business drivers - trust, reliability and service excellence - a heritage that spans three decades, touching the lives of over 1 million assignees.


Ours is a people-orientated business. Our leadership acknowledges that its members of staff and its assignees are its most important assets. Management respects the dignity of all its people and is committed to their growth and development. Our leadership has launched a company-wide ‘good-to-great’ initiative designed to drive improvements which emphasise efficiency and key delivery criteria. We have adopted a ‘measure to manage’ philosophy, positioning Capacity on the path to business

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

We are committed to transformation in the business context and support the principles behind Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). This is evidenced by the fact that our company is an Empowerdex-certified Level 2 Contributor, a rating we have enjoyed for a number of years. Our sound empowerment credentials can positively influence client B-BBEE status, positively impacting preferential procurement spend.


The South African skills shortage has a detrimental effect on the entire business community, increasing unemployment levels and reducing productivity. Our company’s response is to continuously encourage our assignees to avail themselves of the opportunities we facilitate in terms of further developing and enhancing their skills. Such growth and development opportunities include learnerships (for site-specific skills), artisan training and a strong focus on those with disabilities. We set out to build opportunities for growth.


Exceptional Efficiencies


Administration Automation:

Our administration system is automated, ensuring efficiency and accuracy, while providing clients with unprecedented levels of information. We employ the state-of-the-art Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 database and information system. Automation extends to the CAPtime biometric time and attendance system, providing real time data, translating to operational efficiency and financial savings, resulting from control, versatility and accuracy.



Client Satisfaction Indices and Quality:

Service excellence and a client-centric approach underpin our business and are integral to our ‘good-to-great’ journey. Managing service delivery is a key quality measurement. We have a ‘measure to manage’ approach, enabling our determination of our success in meeting strategic objectives, based on key performance indicators. We also employ external client satisfaction measures, ensuring impartiality of evaluation. Independent client satisfaction surveys, undertaken by Evalu8r and N’Lighten, indicate the quality of client service delivery experiences. We are striving for a Client Satisfaction Index of 90%, with positive client response enabling us to move forward in our ‘good-to-great’ journey. We take client service excellence as a way of life seriously, submitting to a voluntary annual audit of elements relevant to labour in South Africa, inclusive of adherence to a range of Acts and skills, resources, decent work, systems and risk management, together with a comprehensive financial assessment. Our achievements in this respect are certified as ‘exceptional.’



Health, Safety and Environment:

Safety is integral to our operating cycle and business culture. Given the diversity of our clients, we ensure site safety is reviewed for every client. Roles and responsibilities are defined and commitment to the principles behind HSE sought from clients and assignees alike. We embrace sustainability and although assignees work on clients’ premises, we also focus on processes within our own control. Efforts to reduce our environmental impact are detailed in the Group’s Annual Integrated Report.




Switch Management Capability:

Periodically and for many reasons, organisations dependent on the supply of labour replace their suppliers. This results in a need for the transition of skilled labour. We are renowned for our seamless ‘switch’ management capability. Coming into a new relationship and replacing a previous service provider, we provide clients with the necessary peace-of-mind that operational disruption will be significantly minimised through transition. Our ‘switch’ attributes include project management and time considerations, compliance and attention to industrial relations issues, effective communication with stakeholders and preparation of a needs analysis towards to a customised plan.



Industrial Relations:

South Africa’s labour legislation, whilst complex, is amongst the most progressive in the world. We take ownership of operational responsibility of industrial relations. Our experienced specialists are equipped to interpret trends and deal effectively with industrial relations issues and potential strike action quickly and efficiently on behalf of clients. We assist clients maintain a healthy and stable industrial relations environment; one conducive to improved productivity and business efficiency.



Compliance Capability:

In the interests of driving compliance and sustainability, our company voluntarily submits to an annual external audit. Each year, elements relevant to labour in South Africa are reviewed. These include adherence to relevant Acts and decent work, as well as an evaluation of skills, resources and systems. In addition, risk management and financials are assessed. Our company’s appraisals have repeatedly been portrayed as ‘Exceptional.’ We strive constantly for exceptional sustainability.



Persons with Disablities: I-CAN Project

We have adopted an I-CAN project as part of our service offering. The project focuses on the mainstream inclusion and integration in society of young adults with disabilities. Capacity subscribes to the I-CAN ethos, supporting the need to build a sustainable business model to assist people with disabilities by addressing development and employment opportunities in the mainstream business environment, changing perceptions about disability in the workplace. We facilitate sensitisation workshops for existing, permanent staff prior to learners joining sites in order to allay stereotypical misconceptions.


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Attracting a specific calibre of assignee is the Capacity way and a critical component of our business, given the need to provide human resource solutions to a wide range of clients.

Techniques and Processes

• Job Profiling: Jobs are profiled and specified according to requirements;
• Screening:
- Standard tools are utilised to screen in terms of meeting standard requirements;
- Job-specific tools are also available for specialist skills or exceptional client needs;
• Assessment: NQF Level 2 numeracy and literacy assessments are conducted, where relevant.



We focus on the effective development of our assignees before they take-up positions with our clients, preparing them for specific business environments.

General Induction
• Capacity Induction:
Provision of information regarding:
- Plant site safety;
- Rules and regulations;
- Disciplinary codes;

Company-specific Induction:
Provision of information regarding:
- Industry standards, safety and quality;
- Sharing of focus areas, policies, procedures and the like;
 Staff Development: Involvement with:
- SETA-backed learnership programmes, artisan qualification programmes and college and university training.



A key component in our ability to improve productivity and, in turn, create a business impact, is our capacity to retain the skills and experience of our assignees.

Improved Productivity and Business Impact
• Assignee Engagement:
Strategies are designed to retain assignee skills and experience;
• Initiatives include:
- Analysis of staff turn-over;
- Succession planning;
- Local recruitment;
- Assignee wellness, inclusive of optional benefits packages;
- Assignee assistance programme;
- Optional membership of a provident fund;
- Access to ADvantage paycards.



The success of our superior levels of service delivery to clients is reflected in our ability to effectively manage our promise to clients.

Delivering the Promise

• Managing Service Delivery:
Ensuring a focus on:
- Providing dedicated on-site management infrastructure, wherever possible;
- Ensuring managerial quality and competence, underpinned by progressive learning at operational and administrative levels;
- Aligning standard operating procedures to site-specific needs;
- Compiling comprehensive management information reports;
- Ensuring internal and external assessment of service delivery;
- Participating in production planning and operational meetings;
- Developing and implementing innovative management tools with regard to increasing efficiencies.