About us
  • Professional advice on day to day teaching challenges 

  • Real educational resources for schools that will help you teach smarter

  • Inspired with new teaching methods through dedicated workshops & accredited courses


Vision statement 

Educanda is the Southern African partner of choice for all formal learning done through Day Cares, ECD Centres, Nurseries, Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, High schools, Special Needs Schools and parents. 

We continuously consult with Educators, Occupational Therapists and ECD Specialists to provide solutions that ensure that teaching is relevant, age appropriate, inclusive and across all levels of ability.


The solution consists of :

  • Real Educational resources for schools, not toys, made for Educators by Educators
  • Training and practical advice on common challenges in the classroom. We currently offer 10 accredited workshops throughout Southern Africa and offer customized training in addition based on the individual requirements of formal learning institutions


Mission Statement :

  1. To go out of our way to provide excellent service to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal.
  2. To inspire & empower Educators by providing solutions through the best Educational Resources and training on common challenges in the classroom.
  3. To be the one stop shop for Educators throughout Southern Africa.

   -    Hands-on Teaching : giving you the solutions to inspire


Values :

  • We honour & respect everyone that is involved in Teaching
  • We value Education as necessary in the lives of the youth of Southern Africa
  • We value honesty and transparency
  • We acknowledge that learning takes place all through life


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Why CSI ?


Educanda is a For-Profit Organization and its core business is to provide Educational Solutions to all formal learning Institutions. The desire to operate within the Corporate Social Investment field stems from : 

1.    Commitment to social change; schools form the very core of our society. It affects us beyond our own children. We want to ensure that as a commercial company we not only sell to those who can afford to buy, but also help those who are not as fortunate.

2.    Personal drive; most of us here at Educanda are mothers and fathers. We cherish our children and understand at a deeper level that we all carry a responsibility to look after them.







Educanda offers both Educational Resources and Training to Educators across Southern       Africa. The full scope of services can be viewed on www.educanda.co.za and a personalized     Catalogue can be requested via http://www.educanda.co.za/request_catalogue








Since there is a huge need for support in Grade R (6 year olds), Educanda has developed a specific Grade R CSR package, which consists of  3 elements :

1.  Product Package
Educanda offers product packages that fully equip one Grade R classroom valued at R 25 000.00

Depending on your budget, you get to decide how many classrooms, and therefore learners will benefit. Have a look at your right to see what we did at Laerskool Swartkop.

The product packages will be put together in consultation with the school and includes essentials such as tables, chairs and other support materials, such as puzzles and play blocks.




2.  Training & Development of Educators

The second element consists of training & development of teachers. It’s offered at a flat rate of R 25 000.00 and includes a 5 hour workshop for a maximum of 35 Educators. Also, here the workshop choice will be determined in consultation with the school.

Educanda currently offers the following 10 workshops:

  • Learning Challenges
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Visual Perception – 5 CPTD points
  • Handwriting – 5 CPTD points
  • Sensory Processing – 5 CPTD points
  • Linking Learning Support Material to CAPS
  • Holistic Teaching in Grade RR and R
  • Understanding NELDS and the NCF
  • Using Movement to teach mathematical concepts
  • Using Puppets and Pretend Clothes in the classroom

And if you want to add more workshops, you can do so for only R 10 000.00 per additional workshop.


3.  Monitoring & Evaluation tools

The last element of Educanda’s CSR package consists of Monitoring & Evaluation tools to ensure you get to monitor the impact of your CSR investment. It consists of a checklist & questionnaire that will need to be completed by the school. Monitoring will need to happen by you, but we will ensure to provide you with the tools.



If you wish to secure your CSR spot now, simply complete the express response form here and we will contact you right away!

Alternatively email   info@educanda.co.za  or call  Educanda on   :   021 556 79 65


Case Studies - What others have experienced…


It is always hard to put trust in a new initiative without a proven track record. In 2014, Deloitte sponsored a complete Grade R classroom at Legora Primary School in Mamelodi East, Pretoria. In addition, Legora Foundation Phase Teachers received a 5 hour workshop from Deloitte.

Educanda matched Deloitte’s generous offer in the same year and provided Swartkop Primary School with a Grade R classroom and trained all their Foundation Phase Teachers.


Read what Principal Munnik van der Merwe had to say:


“Thanks Educanda for the positive support of the school and the donation of equipment and furniture. We wish to thank you for the investment made in the future of our youth”.

Mr. Munnik van der Merwe  --  Principal Swartkop Primary School