About us

About Us

Christel House is a non-profit school based in Ottery, Cape Town. Christel House pupils are from the surrounding settlements and all experience a life of abject poverty.

Many experience lives affected by social hazards such as violence, gangsterism, abuse and drugs. These challenges are difficult—but every day our pupils come to school, to learn, to gain values and 'grit' needed to succeed when coming from such environments.

Christel House is a place where aspirations and dreams can become a reality.

M i s s i o n
Transform lives by providing impoverished children with education, nutrition, health care and a nurturing environment, and by empowering their families and communities through outreach services.

V i  s i o n
Helping children around the world break the cycle of poverty, realise their hopes and dreams, and become self-sufficient contributing members of society



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Lockdown reality – help Cape Flats families in crisis

Christel House SA, a non-profit school based in Ottery, Cape Town, is closed as part of the national lockdown, yet school staff are still hard at work trying to raise funds for the school’s most at-risk families and is appealing to the public for help.

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Christel House South Africa, a non-profit school situated in Ottery, Cape Town, has received a generous donation of a new solar power system by CHEP, a leading international supply chain solutions company.

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Capitec Bank empowers students with Math Support Hub

Capitec Bank is partnering with our school to provide a Math Support Hub to four schools in the community, including Groenvlei High School, Wittebome High School, Fairmount High School and Christel House.

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Member of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom and anti-apartheid activist, Lord Peter Hain, visited our school and addressed our Grade 10, 11 and 12 history students. Hain spoke about his and his family’s role in the apartheid struggle.

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Christel House SA closed until mid-April

On Sunday, 15 March, President Cyril Ramaphosa officially declared a national state of disaster due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, global pandemic.

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Learning in a digital age

Even though time has been lost in physical classrooms, this lockdown period has accelerated the use of online learning methods.

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Finding A Rainbow during lockdown in South Africa

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought uncertain and overwhelming feelings for many. In order to ensure that our students’ mental and emotional health are cared for, our counsellors and social workers have continued to counsel students and families.

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Helping neighbours in need in South Africa

Our staff members have shown just how special they are by not only supporting our students during the COVID-19 crisis, but also extending a helping hand to our neighbours who live in the informal settlement community of Freedom Park.

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With your help, we've been supporting over 250 of our school's most at-risk families with a small stipend every week, which is used to purchase basic food supplies and other essentials.

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Join us for our #MandelaDay drop-off on 17 July

We are inviting individuals and organisations to spend your #67minutes for #MandelaDay to assemble much-needed COVID-19 goodies for our students.

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Christel DeHaan Tributes


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Bring Buckets of Hope to Families in Need

It looks as if the worst of the pandemic is behind us now. Here at #ChristelHouseSA, we are planning to bring hope, happiness and some much-needed relief during this Festive Season to our families in need – and YOU can help a lot…

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Four schools in Cape Town who enroll students from various communities across the wealth spectrum, hosted the first of a series of Derby Day events on Saturday, 14 November.

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100% Matric Pass for Christel House despite COVID-19 disruptions

Matric students at Christel House South Africa, a non-profit school in Ottery that serves students from severely impoverished areas on the Cape Flats, .....

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Grade RR student admissions for 2021 are officially open at Christel House South Africa, a non-profit no-fee school based in Ottery, Cape Town.

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Recruiting our youngest Christel Housers

For the first time in our 20-year history, we will be welcoming 60 Grade RR students to Christel House.

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Christel House SA, a non-profit school that serves students from severely impoverished areas on the Cape Flats, is appealing to the public to support its #GiveaHandUp campaign, which raises funds for essential school supplies for its new Grade RR

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HSRC findings on the results and social mobility of students who attend an independent, non-profit school

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Christel House SA prepares young students for the future through coding

Non-profit school, Christel House SA, has officially launched coding as a compulsory subject from Grades 1 to 7.

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MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Builders

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Builders, build 3 state-of-the-art Grade RR classrooms for our school.

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Virtual art exhibition with Christel House SA and Iziko Museums showcases local talent for Heritage

Christel House South Africa, a non-profit no-fee school in Ottery (Cape Town), has partnered with Iziko Museums for a virtual art exhibition to showcase the unique talents, culture, lived experiences and heritage of its students living on the Cape Flats.

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Non-profit school Christel House celebrates 20 years of transforming lives

Established in 2001, Christel House South Africa, a non-profit school based in Ottery is celebrating its’ 20-year anniversary this year.

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You did it - a Bucket of Hope for every family

We are simply astounded by the outpouring of generosity for our Buckets of Hope drive.

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Donate to Christel House SA before 28 Feb

Don't miss the 28 February deadline to make a donation and reduce your tax liability this financial year. Remember that when you donate to a registered Public Benefit Organisation like Christel House SA.

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We are calling on YOU, our Christel House friends and supporters, to purchase one of our Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022 charity tickets to help raise funds for our school.

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Donate to help feed children at Christel House

Saturday, 28 May is World Hunger Day and the perfect time to donate towards our feeding programme. It’s true what they say – you can’t teach a hungry child.

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Job shadowing opens doors to the world of work for youth from disadvantaged areas

Grade 11 students from Christel House South Africa, a non-profit no-fee school in Ottery, Cape Town, recently visited a number of organisations as part of their job shadowing programme.

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Christel House SA_Principal runs Comrades Marathon to feed his students’ future

High School principal and avid runner, Dr. Ronald Fortune, will attempt the Comrades Marathon this year in aid of his students at Christel House South Africa, a non-profit school based in Ottery, Cape Town.

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Join our Virtual Fitness Challenge, presented by CHEP

Our Virtual Fitness Challenge is live! Whether you are a regular runner, love to cycle or just enjoy taking the occasional stroll through your neighbourhood, we need YOU to participate in our very first Virtual Fitness Challenge, taking place this Septemb

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Walk, run or cycle for Christel House SA this September

Our non-profit, no fee school, Christel House South Africa has officially launched our Virtual Fitness Challenge, which calls on members of the public and businesses to walk, run or cycle from wherever they are and fundraise for our students.

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Comrades Marathon runners raise funds to feed eight students for a year

The grueling 89.9 km Comrades Marathon took place this past Sunday and saw a group of nine runners collectively raising just over R40 000 to feed students who attend Christel House South Africa, a non-profit, no-fee school based in Ottery, Cape Town.

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100% Matric pass rate for our class of 2022!

Today we celebrate a phenomenal achievement - a 100% matric pass rate and a bachelor pass of 89.2%! Please join us in congratulating the Christel House SA class of 2022.

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Walk, run or cycle for Christel House SA

On your marks, get set, go! Get ready to step up and make a positive impact this September with Christel House South Africa's Virtual Fitness Challenge.

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Derby Day connects families from diverse economic backgrounds

On Saturday, October 28th, students, teachers, and parents/guardians from five Cape Town schools, each representing different socioeconomic backgrounds, came together for the fourth annual Derby Day event.

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The Christel House Model works

Each and every child at Christel House is given an opportunity to reach for the stars, to become active and contributing citizens, and ready for the 21st century workplace.

As learners from Grade R to Grade 12 journey through school, they are supported by daily nutritional meals, regular health checks, quality education and holistic programmes, transport to and from school, counsellors and social workers on hand, school uniforms and learning materials, college and career guidance. These are the necessities to break the poverty cycle.


Quality Education:
Every Christel House pupil is in dire need and has been awarded a scholarship (part or full). Staff and teachers are committed to providing a holistic education from Grade R, inclusive of sport, art, music and technology.

School buses operate daily to bring pupils to and from school. Pupils come from the surrounding areas including Langa, Hanover Park & Phillipi. A school bus offers safe and reliable transportation as well as regular attendance at school.

Nutritional Meals:
On a daily basis, all pupils receive a nutritional meal for breakfast and lunch, and snacks during the day. Our partner Fedics provide staff to prepare meals, whilst we raise the funds for the cost of food supplies.

Health Care & Social Services:
Living with social hazards such as drugs, crime, unemployment, and a lack of basic needs is no easy task. A social worker, counsellor and nurse are on hand for regular health care and support.

School Uniforms & Supplies:
Every pupil is provided with school uniforms, shoes, books and school supplies.

Learning Support:
Often pupils begin Grade R with little or no English skills and are developmentally behind. Extra assistance and support is provided by a specialist teacher.

College & Career Programme:
Career guidance is offered to all pupils as they journey through to matric and beyond. Graduates receive the necessary support to identify professions, select/apply to university or purse their career aspirations. Skill based workshops, training opportunities and job placements are also made available.

Outreach and Community Upliftment:
Aided through skills-based and informative workshops for parents and the community, to encourage economic development.

'Giving back'
Is an important facet of the Christel House model. Parents assist in many ways through volunteering at the school and assisting with community-service projects, such as knitting blankets. Service Learning is an integral part of the curriculum and pupils also play their part to help the community.







The Impact

  • 100% matric pass rate since inception

  • 95% of Christel House graduates are employed, at university or doing both

  • 98% attendance rate amongst learners and teachers

  • 83% Bachelor pass rate (2015) giving 5 out of every 6 learners the opportunity to go to university.


Christel House is supported by donors, partners and volunteers who make valuable contributions that help children in dire need ; providing the opportunity to achieve a life outside of poverty.

100% of your gift directly benefits the life of a child at Christel House. All general & administrative costs are covered by the founder.

At Christel House, breaking the cycle of poverty means " transforming lives 360 degrees ". You can help a child from as little as -

  • R        5.00     for a nutritious breakfast
  • R      20.00     for a full meal
  • R      80.00     towards health
  • R    150.00     for a pair of shoes
  • R    240.00     for a full school uniform
  • R    360.00     towards their education


  • support a learner for the year    :     R  43 207.00   towards the holistic programme costs


  • Any amount towards programmes and services.

Tax & BEE Benefits

  • A Section 18A Tax Certificate will be issued for the donated amount.
  • South African companies will also receive points towards their BBBEE status, as our we hold a Level 2 Certificate (all beneficiaries are 100% black according to the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice 2007)



Christel House South Africa is -

Proudly Level 2 B-BBEE and committed to the transformation of the South African economic situation; a responsibility of each and every one of us.

Companies, big and small, can benefit by being a part of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE); and help break the cycle of poverty, by partnering with Christel House.

We strive for sustainable transformation for our children, their families and their communities. Qualifying for B-BBEE points is as easy as a gift or cash donation or providing your professional services pro bono to our beneficiaries, of which they are 100% black according to the Codes of Good Practice.

Your Business has the opportunity to choose from 3 scorecard categories...   click here to find out more.




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Account Type  :            Money Market Investment (or Current)
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