About US

About Us

Objectives and social initiatives

Shiloh Synergy is a group of projects, committed to the holistic upliftment of our underprivileged communities in the Western Cape. Our projects are managed with excellence and integrity and driven with passion for the people of South Africa. We manage our business in such a way to ensure that the community receives the maximum benefit of donor and sponsorship funds.

We communicate with our donors and sponsors regularly to ensure their satisfaction in knowing that their donations were used to its utmost potential. Our biggest appetency is to build a better future for our children through education and intellectual development and in doing so, building a better future for South Africa.



Our vision

  • To reach one million children

Shiloh Synergy is a registered Non Profit Company (NPC) with an Independent Competent Persons Report (ICPR) Certificate as required in terms of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) legislation.



For some children, even the most basic school supplies are a luxury.
Our aim is to supply necessary basic stationery items to 10,000 learners in need.
Please take hands with us to make this happen:

  •     Collect a bag to fill from our office or email us for more info
  •     Collect items on the list below
  •     Make a donation which enables us to buy bulk at a discount
  •     Ask your company and friends to get on board – we can supply a tax receipt

We challenge schools and corporate offices to get on board to help a child in need.
Gifts of Grace-Project (earmark donations with your name and surname and GOG)

Account name: Shiloh Synergy
Bank: FNB Willowbridge code: 250655
Account no. 62264338643 (current acc)
Reference, surname and GoG
Request a tax receipt by e-mail
contact Delene 021-981 8241 or e-mail admin@shiloh.org.za




Our teachers are sourced from within communities and equipped through the JES teacher training. These ladies are often unskilled and unemployed. The training focusses on holistically developing women. Furthermore, teachers are supported to obtain their Level 4 and 5 ECD qualifications after which a B-Ed can be obtained.











Shiloh Relief - Grace In Action

To eradicate poverty is not possible - BUT we can all make an effort to bring some relief to those in need. Make a donation or start a campaign at work; collecting items for emergency relief parcels.

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A good teacher can change a life forever

What is one of the biggest challenges we face in South Africa? Extreme poverty. And if we don’t start by educating the poor, we are not going to break the cycle of poverty. To teach is to touch children's lives forever.

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The answer to our public schools problem

We believe a strong foundation for each child going to school, starts with quality Early Childhood Education (ECD).

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Shiloh FAQ's and lockdown facts

Shiloh, nutritious meals in transit, answers some questions and provides some facts to ensure they keep their staff safe in this time and keeps providing nutritious meals to the people in need.

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Shiloh, the link between those who give and the most vulnerable who receive

During lockdown Shiloh has distributed almost 20 000 meals above and beyond our regular meal production. Not to mention various tons of fresh fruit and veg, grocery parcels, vanity packs and other assistance to many communities.

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Poverty won't magically disappear.

Shiloh Food entered some unknown territory during the last two weeks of March with the announcement of the National State of Disaster (COVID-19), followed shortly thereafter by a total lockdown due to the pandemic.

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Covid left many vulnerable: Shiloh - Community in action

It has indeed been a privilege for Shiloh to provide our nutritious, well-balanced meals to the many who had lost their jobs or could not have earned a living during these challenging times.

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Shiloh Education - proof of success in what we do – we prepare children for life not only for school

I would like to share two stories to show what a huge impact you, as a donor, are making.

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Only the educated helps countries grow economically

A good education helps children to grow and develop, thereby enabling them to become citizens who make a positive contribution and help shape a better society.

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We specialise in ECD (Early Childhood Development –for 3 to 6 year old children) programmes by creating world class facilities and using a world class curriculum. The model also includes educating unemployed successful school leavers as educators and making the facilities available for community upliftment and development – hereby addressing numerous challenges disadvantaged communities are struggling with.


We aim to prepare children from disadvantaged communities not only for school but for life. Equipping them with a love for learning, self-confidence, intrinsic motivation, respect and a sense of order through working with materials at their own pace and according to their unique needs.

Our motto is: Beauty Excellence and Order