Human Rights/Social Justice, April 11, 2022, 10:03 a.m.

Beautiful Gate SA's March Update


Human Rights Month can feel like a catch 22 because it comes with a reminder of our violent and oppressive history as a country while in the same breath being a time to celebrate our rights.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Our work at Beautiful Gate supports human rights in various ways through our different programmes. Our Family Strengthening and Empowerment Team, through their work, demonstrate that all children deserve to be loved, cared for and that their parents need to be given opportunities to provide for their children and championed to be more conscious parents. Our Child Health Team ensures that our children have rights to healthcare and support and to be treated with respect. Our Education Team ensures that children exercise their right to be children, to be educated, to be loved, to dream, and to be free to express their views.


Kuthiwa kuthatha ilali ukukhulisa umntwana (it takes a village to raise a child). It also takes a village to protect children. May we all continue to do our part in taking care of our children and making sure that their rights are protected at all times.



At the start of this month, our Leadership Forum had the privilege of receiving a two-day training from Ian Ferguson and Rosie Leyden of Teamworks. The training covered different topics including a deeper understanding of the leadership model, effective delegation and performance management. Our team found the training incredibly useful, especially the practical component where everyone had the opportunity to exercise some of the concepts. This is one of the ways in which we show our commitment to constant improvement and excellence in serving the community of Lower Crossroads.



Our 2022 Staff Retreat took place on the 8th of March at Rocklands in Simon's Town. The purpose of the day was to take time out as a team to reflect on the last two years, to connect, enjoy ourselves and most importantly, to rest. Following a time of praise and worship, everyone was encouraged to express themselves through different forms of art followed by different outdoor activities to pick and choose from. The main focus of the day was the importance of taking care of our spirits so that we aren't pouring from an empty cup and also an opportunity to exercise our right to mental health - perfectly timed with Human Rights Month.








On the 15th of March and in true BG style, we celebrated the first group of graduates from the Parenting Skills Course this year. For many of the women who took part in the course, the course content was insightful and empowering. It covered a variety of parenting topics such as the most useful way to correct a child and budgeting. The excitement of the parents was so tangible and it was also such a joy to have male representation amongst the parents as this is a rarity and something we hope to see more of in the future.





Our Family Strengthening Team hosted a Human Rights Day event on site on the morning of 21st of March. The purpose of the event was to commemorate the events of 1976 as well as to celebrate our rights. The focus was primarily on children's rights as well as gender based violence. Representatives from the South African Police Service and Les Femmes (a holistic wellness clinic for women) spoke about how to respond to the violation of different rights, where to go and what to do when help is needed.





During the school holidays our Education and Family Strengthening teams host holiday clubs for our learners and children who come to our safe parks. Holiday Clubs are a time and space for the children to have fun while learning and building healthy relationships.










The clubs take place in our different partner schools and safe parks in the community as well as on our premises for our high school learners. Our tutors and Child and Youth Care Workers facilitate the clubs with so much love and dedication which can be seen in the way they hold the space and engage with the children.






Have you read our 2020 Annual Report? This month we've been reflecting on the last two years. It was in March 2020 when our country went into a state of disaster and we had our first hard lockdown. Our 2020 Annual Report, The Covid Issue, takes a look at how we responded as an organisation in ensuring that our community was still supported during the height of the pandemic. You can read all about it here.








The global Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic will have far-reaching health, social, economic and educational effects in the months and years to come. Here in South Africa, many businesses are suffering due to the ramifications of the national lockdown. It is at times like these that we rely on our committed, monthly donors to help us weather the storm. If you are not yet a monthly donor, please consider joining our Hope Club.


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