Children, July 7, 2022, 3:22 p.m.

Digital Solution. Child Maintenance APP


This action is for the South African government in collaboration with the private sector to propose a digital platform for separated parents in the Best interest of the child.

The Children act states: Every parent has rights and responsibilities towards his/her children. Married or unmarried; all parents are
afforded these rights. It is important that these parental rights are exercised in a manner that promotes the best interest of the child as expressed in the Children’s Act 38 of 2005

There is a major challenge in South Africa as existing podiums look brilliant on paper but practically a headache to enforce. We need to redefine space and turn the act into a living document for the new world order. Most children in South Africa face challenges with regards to housing, food, clothing, education and medical care.


The aim is to empower both parents and guardians to have adequate access and financial support towards the child. It's difficult to co-parent when separated parents are in constant conflict. Cases end up at the family court and may drag for months due to lack of evidence or cooperation.


The digital platform benefits:

1. Child. It forces both parents to look into the needs of the child rather than their own interests.

a. The app is interactive: The other parent can see what the other is doing even when they are in conflict. Best tool for co parenting.
b. Transparent- Non prejudiced or biased. Fair play for all parties envolved

2. For the Courts. Case management: 100% evidence driven.
a. Documentary evidence (documents produced for inspection by the court)
b. Digital evidence for law enforcement investigation
c. Fact-finding is easily accessible
d. Irrelevant evidence is reduced
e. NPA seeks to pursuit Justice that is served for all parties
f. Quick turnaround time in the interest of the child
g. the fact-finder now has to evaluate or ‘weigh’ it in reaching the verdict

The proposal supports most spheres of government departments Vision, Mission and Objectives to a better South Africa for ALL. Mainly the department of:

1. Communication and Digital Technologies.
2. Social Development
3. Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
4. Statistics South Africa

The call is for Government, Funders and Private business in collaboration to bring change for the better of Society, human rights and Economic Freedom. Partner with me, Let's make this happen! All efforts are in the interest of our children. Lets build a better future for them!