Sustainability, Enterprise, April 26, 2021, 10:08 a.m.

NLC launches innovation hub to improve digital service offering


The need for a better, faster, more user-friendly, innovative and efficient way of meeting beneficiaries’ needs is behind the National Lotteries Commission’s (NLC’s) launch of a new Digital Innovation Hub to internal and external stakeholders on 31 March.

Thabang Charlotte Mampane, Commissioner of the NLC says, “From the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the NLC proved itself agile and quick to respond to beneficiary needs, which in turn, strengthened our resolve to develop an innovation strategy that will help to build a powerful culture of innovation throughout our organisation.”

At the heart of the new strategy is the Digital Innovation Hub, which aims to ensure that the NLC:

Remains relevant

Expands its reach to stakeholders

Operates efficiently

Meets growing demand

Reduces cost of operations

Stays abreast with international and local innovation trend

Grows its brand reputation and impact.

The Digital Innovation Hub is designed to deliver a multi-faceted platform that will engage all stakeholders and inspire innovation within the NLC.

Mampane adds, “Taking this bold step into a future of innovation is a proud moment for the NLC. The nature of our business is dynamic, and with this game-changing new initiative, we are looking for wide-ranging new and revitalised products, services and solutions across the spectrum of our business, including our processes, structures, models, culture, brand positioning, stakeholder experiences, and communication distribution channels. We’re open to ideas that offer real improvements and enable the NLC to adapt to the changes that South Africa’s future holds.”

Speakers at the launch included international innovation entrepreneurs, as well as Coenie Middel, founding member of Middel & Partners, and a master facilitator for the FORTH innovation methodology, which hosted the launch of the Digital Innovation Hub and is guiding the NLC on their innovation journey. The speakers shared their knowledge on employee engagement, the establishment of an innovative culture within the NLC, and the need for and value of effective innovation in today’s digital environment.

Mampane says the presentations at the launch event provided additional momentum to the NLC’s Digital Innovation Hub journey. “What we learned from the line-up of excellent speakers was extremely insightful. It gave us a lot of food for thought and enhanced our ongoing plans for this project.”

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