Funding, Enterprise, Sept. 30, 2021, 9:29 a.m.

The Printery Offers New Fundraising Platform


Hope Africa Collective's social enterprise, The Printery, has developed a fundraising platform that removes all the upfront risk for NPOs and NGOs.

Hope Africa Collective's social enterprise, The Printery, has developed a fundraising platform that removes all the upfront risk for NPOs and NGOs. Now you can sell custom-branded products (apparel, bags, face masks, etc.) and take donations without buying products up-front. This significantly reduces fundraising campaign hassles and risk.

Just design your product (or ask us to help you), share why you are raising funds, and then share the campaign we build for you on our site. You publicize the campaign with your constituents and donors, and we fill the orders and send you the funds you raise - as they come in! The Printery Fundraising is a great tool for any group, cause, or community!

No more pre-ordering or scratching your head wondering how much you might sell only to end up with unsold products at the end of your fundraiser. Instead, you simply:

1. Decide on a duration for your campaign (normally 2 weeks)
2. Share your campaign widely with your network of donors and potential supporters
3. Watch in real-time (on the dedicated website page we create for you) as donor/supporter purchases generate funds towards your campaign goal.
4. Receive the proceeds raised by your product sales in real-time as the orders are placed. No risk. No hassle. Only immediate profit.
5. Products are delivered to you so you can distribute to your followers!

The graphic below shows how simple the process really is:














In the video below, you'll see our printshop principal, Andy Benestad, being interviewed about our innovative fundraising program on CCFM.








For more information, visit and contact us to get your fundraising campaign started today!