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SAB Foundation Impact Report 2023

Author: SA Breweries

South Africa places a lot of hope in small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs for the future.

It is for this reason that the SAB Foundation continues to support and drive entrepreneurship through our various programmes to equip and enable these innovative individuals to succeed.

The measurement of our impact through our entrepreneurial programmes is a core focus of the SAB Foundation. This demonstrates transparency and enables us to analyse and compare against the outcomes from previous years. It also allows us to adapt and build on what we are currently doing to address the ever-changing needs of entrepreneurs in our country.

Despite the ongoing challenges faced by entrepreneurs, we have encouraging news to share. From our most recent impact report, we see that they have somewhat recovered from the damaging years of the pandemic. Our combined annual turnover figures indicate that there has been a return to numbers that are indeed higher than those reported before the pandemic.

Our impact report is based on the input collected from entrepreneurs within the SAB Foundation ecosystem. It highlights advancements in revenue generation, job creation and business skills and also examines instances of social and environmental impact.

We hope you find our report useful. You can read the full report on our website:


Some of the outcomes and outputs from our programmes are:

    57 micro enterprises accessed affordable credit.
    373 people with disabilities trained and employed.
    1 003 small scale fishers accessed new markets.
    1 725 clubfoot braces distributed to children with disabilities.
    CVs compiled for 4 196 youth.
    4 153kg of plastic waste prevented.
    22 496 high school learners accessed maths and science content.
    175 855 kg of textile waste recycled.
    183 449 learners accessed new digital education content.
    865 290 litres of clean water accessed by low-income people.

Some of the other highlights from this year’s report include:

    An investment of R563 million made into entrepreneurship development.
    6 422 business entities have been supported.
    3 139 of businesses are rurally based enterprises.
    90% of business supported are operational.
    87% are owned by people living in rural areas.
    70% of businesses are women owned.
    55% of businesses are youth owned.
    6% of entrepreneurs supported are people with a disability.

Our entrepreneurs have created 10 384 new jobs and have collectively employed 15 919 individuals. Of these, 3 403 are permanent and their turnover has increased by 97% from R512 million at inception to R1.1 billion.