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Uthando (Love) South Africa - two recent reviews


Like most people I guess, I have been feeling rather melancholy about global events and the suffering by so many people in different parts of the world due to needless wars and extreme weather events.

It feels serendipitous that I sit down to write about my much-cherished relationship with Uthando on Human Rights Day. There is a magic that happens when James and Xolani take people on their ‘philanthropic educational excursions’. I have no doubt that this magic is created by Uthando (love) as well as, no doubt, respect for human rights. I am deeply grateful to have been able to document social development projects supported by Uthando since 2010 by taking photographs. On this day of reflection on human rights in South Africa, I paged through the book we produced – Abantu Abadala, Conversation with the Elders. I read again about the suffering endured by black South Africans at the hands of the apartheid government.


As most of you will know, South African Human Rights Day marks the killing and wounding of scores of people who were protesting peacefully against the oppressive Pass laws, which were designed to control the movement of non-white people, 62 years ago. On that terrible day, one of the elders who was photographed for the book, Rhodes Dubani, was arrested and beaten because he burnt his pass. His message to the world? ‘Ubuntu’, which means give respect to all. As Dubani himself said: ‘Know how to take care of people and give them dignity.’’


Another of those photographed for the book, Ntombizifikile Regina Mlindazwe’s message is ‘to love each other … because when we don’t love each other we have problems.’


I went on an excursion with Uthando recently and was deeply impressed at the number of projects Uthando is now supporting. Even though we visited areas where hardship and poverty persists, I came away feeling so inspired, joyful and hopeful. I know others on the excursion shared my sentiments.


In times of despair and uncertainty for all of us, I am reminded that there is magic and love in the world and that transformation is possible.As Watson Wilson Nkolisa, another elder we photographed, said: “We need to get along, those chosen to lead us to lead, know and respect our neighbours and above all we must be happy.”


Being able to witness the love and ubuntu on an Uthando Excursion  reminded me that it is a human right to be happy. Thank you Uthando for giving so many the chance to feel happiness.




Best Day Ever in Cape Town


What an amazing experience to learn the history of apartheid and see the seeds of love and forgiveness Mandela and the South African people have sown.

This is not just any tour. James and Xolani are true stewards of change whose non profit organization sponsors over 60 diverse grassroot organizations in the townships of Cape Town. It was a privilege to be welcomed by some of them.

If you like dancing and singing, this tour for you. If you like gardening, this tour is for you. If you like animals, this tour is for you. If you love children and value education, this tour is for you.

I would highly recommend it for families. Such an educational experience for young and old alike. Be prepared to laugh and be hugged often.


ULWAZI Educare


Through our partnership to build Ulwazi Educare out of tyres and recycled materials, we are excited to explore new building methods at this critical time in climate history. (see most recent photo). We cannot wait to showcase this building when it is complete sometime in May. Watch this space.