Housing & Living Conditions, Jan. 18, 2023, 10:15 a.m.

Youth disillusioned by corruption in Kimberley community by Lebogang Victor Ditsebe

Author: info@klassikdigital.co.za

Kimberley residents and youth are concerned about poor service delivery arising out of corruption, in local and provincial government departments.

Young people in Kimberley, Northern Cape have voiced their concerns about a lack of transparency in the local government, lamenting about the ever- growing cancer of corruption and a lack of accountability by local government. The result is a decay of local infrastructure including deteriorating libraries, a lack of proper water and sanitation, and the decay of recreational and sporting facilities in local communities. 


Wwater and sanitation is a big in Kimberley - the recent water shutdown of water supplies in the city, and residents complaining about the lack of clean water, and citizens being hospitalized after drinking dirty water , rendered by the Sol Plaatjie Municipality.Learners in schools get sick because of consuming dirty water, and schools dismiss early when water shutdown occurs for maintenance and fixing. This results in time on academic progress being lost. 


"I don't like what is going on, corruption is increasing every day. I want to stop corruption, because corruption is overpopulated in South Africa, and in my local community. Corruption has led to people not having jobs, and tThis has led to youth having mental health issues, due to the high costs of living.. My call to action is youth need to question corruption and keep local government accountable," says Percival Flame, resident of Dike street, Mankurwane. 


communities throughout Kimberley, and the greater Northern Cape are disappointed with the administration of local government, because there is a resounding realization that year in and year out complaints are brought to the local Sol Plaatje Municipality) administration, but there is persistent lack of interest in dealing with corruption. 


"Crime is a serious challenge in our community, which has been sprouted by corruption, lack of  jobs, and unemployment. Job creation is rare, and as youth we turn to drugs. Crime is not good, I acknowledge that, but we need help with finding working opportunities - but the youth don't have a choice because a persistent lack of opportunities prevails in Kimberley," adds Tebogo Mampe. 


Youth disillusionment primarily springs from the South African government's inactive response to the debilitating state of the country, which leads to provincial government, and local government being affected.


Political victimization leads to youth being afraid of repercussions for speaking out and therefore remaining inactive in civil issues which affects ordinary South Africans. 


" Corruption affects me due to a lack of recreational and sporting facilities. Corruption from  civill, and political leader's, who care more about self - enrichment, causes a damaging blow to development in the community. For instance a community library which is not properly resourced has a direct impact on us as young people lacking educational facilities to advance academic ambitions, " said Lesedi from Bloemanda .

The Kimberley youth squarely blame corruption in the municipality for poor service delivery, and an inaction by local government to address corruption, government expenditure and lack of development for youth development in the area.